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Unwrapping a Review of A MEASURE OF DECEIT, book 3 in the Ladies Book of Pleasures series by Jess Michaels

Jess Michaels’s The Ladies Book of Pleasures series is one that I enjoyed from beginning to end. The mystery of which Lady authored the scandalous book is uncovered in A MEASURE OF DECEIT, book 3 in the series and is releasing tomorrow for everyone to read. So who do you think the Lady is?

***eARC provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review.


Even Society’s most scandalous writer couldn’t have predicted this.

The Ladies Book of Pleasures, now credited with two marriages and countless other affairs and liaisons, has Society all aflutter. The one person not benefitting from its scandalous advice? The author herself.

From the safety of her anonymity, Lady Grace Hollis, Duchess of Jameswood, enjoys the blissful results of her handiwork—and pretends she does not miss the passionate proclivities she penned. But when her handsome editor begins making the rounds of Society parties, she wonders how long her secret will be safe.

Connor Sheridan wants—needs—to know the answer to the one burning question on everyone’s lips: the mystery writer’s identity. And it’s not just because their correspondence, delivered via untraceable couriers, has made him smile, frown, or imagine her engaged in erotic escapades—with him.

Other letters have begun landing on his desk, letters written by a decidedly unfriendly hand. And though it may threaten her reputation, the safest place for her could very well be his arms. Whether she likes it or not.

Warning: This book contains secret identities, dangerous liaisons, and a very sexy Scot.

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Lady Grace, Duchess of Jameswood, is thrilled that her dearest friends, Isabel and Jacinda have found true love and happiness, but she is feeling her own loneliness especially since only one man occupies her thoughts and he is a man she will never meet. The man is Conner Sheridan, the editor/publisher of her most scandalous book. Having shared communication through letters while seeing to its publication, Grace has become enamored of the man on the other side of those letters. When he asked her to pen another book, she refused and stopped writing him.

Connor Sheridan cannot get the Lady out of his mind. He knows not her identity and so seeks to discover a clue to her whereabouts by ingratiating himself into Society where he knows she exists. Welcomed by her peers, he takes advantage of those around her wanting to know her identity. A Scotsman with a past, which makes him see those in Society as less than favorable in his eyes, he might be willing to make an exception when it comes to one particular woman. The beautiful Lady Grace may not be his Lady but when she makes him an offer to become her lover, he cannot bring himself to refuse.

When the truth is revealed, betrayals are felt deep because more than reputations and goals are at stake. Hateful threats put Grace in danger, and she may lose more than the man she loves.

In A MEASURE OF DECEIT by Jess Michaels, we learn the identity of the Lady and we meet a very sexy Scotsman who grew up despising everything the Lady holds dear, but he’s lost his heart to a woman he’s never met. This story ends the series, but it also reminds us that love is not always based purely in physical attraction. A MEASURE OF DECEIT is a wonderful romance built on intellectual attraction, fueled by amazing physical attraction, desire, and some truly sexy encounters but blossoms into deep affectionate love realized through respect and consideration for who the hero and heroine are, and what they desire from each other.

I love how Jess Michaels makes us care about all of the characters in her stories, not just the hero and heroine. Although some are already stars of their own romances, the secondary characters are the emotional support for Grace and Connor, which gives A MEASURE OF DECEIT its depth and dimension. Even Maura, Grace’s maid, and Higgins, Connor’s servant, play substantial roles in keeping their employers safe, on the right track, and supported emotionally and respectfully.

I highly recommend A MEASURE OF DECEIT by Jess Michaels. This steamy hot romance will keep you turning the pages, eager for the truth to come out so Grace and Connor can admit their love for each other, but then you’ll wring your hands in anxious hope that these two stubborn lovers will get past their pride and fall into each other’s arms once more. Don’t worry, there’s a happily ever after for everyone in the Ladies Book of Pleasures series. I recommend you read the entire series if you haven’t because it’s really that good. A must read!

Happy Reading Everyone! 

A MEASURE OF DECEIT, a Ladies Book of Pleasures novel by Jess Michaels, Samhain Publishing, release date - December 9, 2014, available in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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Dalila G. said...

Great review Amy!
I happen to enjoy historical books by Jess, she's always a MUST buy for me.
I have been following this series too, another good one by Jess! :-)
I enjoyed the Mistress Matchmaker series, The Pleasure Wars and now The Ladies Book of Pleasures.
I am, needless to say, looking forward to her next series, The Notorious Flynns, can't wait! *^_^*
Thanks Amy for featuring Jess Michaels, have a nice evening!

Amy Valentini said...

I'm glad you enjoy Jess's books as much as I do, Dalila. She's definitely a must read for me too. Hope you're well and eagerly awaiting the holidays. xoxo