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Unwrapping a Review of SWEET FORTUNE, a Sweet, Texas novella by Candis Terry from CONFESSIONS OF A SECRET ADMIRER, a Valentine's Day Anthology

I love anthologies, not just because they're quick reads but because we are usually treated to new authors or a new series through the novellas included in them. Such is the case of CONFESSIONS OF A SECRET ADMIRER, a Valentine’s Day Anthology featuring novellas by Jennifer Ryan, Candis Terry, and Jennifer Seasons.

***I could’ve read an eARC provided by the publisher but I chose to wait to purchase this one for my own personal reading, and I’ll tell you why after the review.


Some secrets are meant to be revealed …

Or so you’ll discover, in three sexy, unforgettable Valentine’s Day stories from New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Ryan and contemporary romance stars Candis Terry and Jennifer Seasons.

Waiting for You by Jennifer Ryan
Rancher Grant Devane has waited for Taylor Larson’s return to Fallbrook for more than ten years. Now that the fearless beauty has come home on her terms, he’ll do anything and everything necessary to win back her heart.

Sweet Fortune by Candis Terry
Sarah Randall is tired of being invisible to the opposite sex. So when a leap of faith sends her to Sweet, Texas, and into the path of ridiculously hot Deputy Brady Bennett, she’s determined to catch his eye … even if it means staying hidden just a little bit longer.

Major League Crush by Jennifer Seasons
Professional baseball player Drake Paulson can’t help wanting to know more about his cute, shy neighbor. But when he discovers her deepest secret and she flees, it’ll be up to him to win her trust—and her love—one gift at a time.

*                   *                   *                    *                    *
I’ve chosen to review only one of the three novellas, although all three are worthy of reading and make this anthology an absolute delight and a must read if you love the whole secret admirer idea but time constraints force me to choose only one. I cannot resist choosing the one that I favored the most and the winner is ….

SWEET FORTUNE by Candis Terry features the characters introduced in the Sweet, Texas series, which if you haven’t read them yet then read this wonderful novella and fall in love with the incredible characters that live in Sweet, Texas for you’ll never wish to leave once you do.

Sarah Randall, former assistant to Charli Brooks who we met in ANYTHING BUT SWEET and won the heart of the amazingly gorgeous Reno Wilder, sigh, but I digress. Sarah went home to L.A. but without her boss and friend, Charli, or her job, life was in need of a change so she returned to the place that felt like home to her – Sweet, Texas. It’s also the place, where a certain Deputy caught her eye and her desire.

Brady Bennett has been burned by love and worse, he was burned by love on Valentine’s Day so anything that smacks of hearts and roses and that particular day just darkens his mood. And he despises surprises, so when a ‘secret admirer’ starts leaving homemade fortune cookies wrapped in heart covered cellophane with sprinkles, he is not pleased. Fortunately, a sweet, exciting, and very sexy new waitress at the diner brightens his day with her adventurous and flirtatious ways.

SWEET FORTUNE, a Sweet, Texas novella by Candis Terry is absolutely a deliciously sweet addition to this wonderful series. Brady is right up there on the sexy heat scale with the Wilder brothers, and Sarah is another heroine by Candis that you can’t help but wish to have as a best friend. As usual, we’re treated to the greatest collection of delightful characters ever created. I love visiting the town of Sweet, and I love how these characters pull you into their story as if they’re asking you to pull up a chair and stay awhile, which is something I love to do.

If you read CONFESSIONS OF A SECRET ADMIRER, a Valentine’s Day Anthology for any reason at all, I highly recommend it’s to read this wonderful story about giving love another chance because you’ve met the right person and finding that love can truly heal scarred hearts. By the way, the other two novellas are just as good as this one and well worth the reading as well. So go for it and at less than two dollars for ebook anthology, how can you go wrong.

Now, I told you I had another special reason for choosing this novella to review. Well, it’s because Candis was so sweet as to dedicate SWEET FORTUNE to yours truly. You got it, she dedicated it to me and I’m so pleased about it, I could burst. So grab yourself a copy of CONFESSIONS OF A SECRET ADMIRER, a Valentine’s Day Anthology by Candis Terry, Jennifer Ryan, and Jennifer Seasons and fall in love.

Happy Reading Everyone!

CONFESSIONS OF A SECRET ADMIRER, a Valentine’s Day Anthology by Jennifer Ryan, Candis Terry, and Jennifer Seasons, Avon Impulse, will be available in print March 11th but available now in ebook formats on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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