Friday, March 21, 2014

Coming to THE END When Writing a Novel

Hi my darlings, recently I typed those final two words that every writer sets as a goal, and simultaneously dreads because it means that a story that has occupied her thoughts for months, maybe even years, has ended. Writers come to care about their characters as we do friends and family, so when we type THE END, we say good-bye to friends and close the door on a story, a part of our life, and a love affair with a couple that will never exist again. No matter how many revisions are required.

KEEPING FAITH is my first suspense romance that I hope will be the first in a series I’m calling Rescued By Love. The story centers around a series of prostitute disappearances throughout New York City, and the hero has come home to his rented apartment to work undercover in hopes of solving the mystery. He’s totally crushing on the woman from whom he rents his apartment and who also lives across the hall. She also owns the hair salon located in the same building. Suspicions have the led the police to center their surveillance on the salon, the train station located across the street where local prostitutes hang out selling their trade, and on the employees of the salon. There were times while writing KEEPING FAITH that I made myself uneasy when encountering the bad guy. My hope is that readers will be as caught up in the terror that one human can inflict on another as I was while writing it. What amazing things lurk in the imagination of a writer.

My goal is to either find a publisher who will be as eager to share my book with readers as I am or if not, to self-publish, and promote it myself. In the meantime, I’m moving on to another previous work-in-progress that I started before KEEPING FAITH and am anxious to finish and type those two little amazing words – The End.

So, tell me, what things in your life sadden and excite you when they end? If you’re like me, when I finish reading a wonderful story, it’s always satisfying and a little sad. Or perhaps when a good movie ends. The best things are always things we don’t want to see end but like most good things, they do.

Here’s to, someday, sharing KEEPING FAITH with you and eventually, the next books in the series. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get my undercover detective to come talk with us about his endeavors to catch the bad guy.

If you'd like to read the Prologue and Chapter One of KEEPING FAITH, please do. I'd love to know what you think and whether it's something you'd like to read in its entirety some future day. 

Happy Reading Everyone!


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