Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wacky Wednesday Fun! Let's Talk Eyes!

It’s been a while since I did a true Wacky Wednesday and so I thought I’d pose a question to you all that came to mind the other day after I posted a picture of a dreamy guy on Facebook with exceptionally blue eyes. Someone mentioned that she wasn’t really into blue eyes but preferred dark-eyed men instead. So what’s your preference?

Do you prefer your men with blue eyes?

Or do you prefer green eyes?

Or do you prefer brown eyes?

Or perhaps you love a silver-eyed devil?

Now with that asked, do you prefer a particular shade of blue, green, brown or gray? 

Or is eye color not particularly a factor when you conjure up your pretend boyfriend?

When you're reading your favorite romance novels, does the color of the hero's eyes play a role in whether or not you fall in love with him?

If you’ve got anyone in particular that you prefer, please feel free to let us know … we love to share and drool over your offerings as well as our own.

Happy Reading Everyone and enjoy, but try not to drool on the screen too much … it makes viewing difficult.   *WINK*


kipha said...

LOL Amy. As Long as the guy is hot and sexy their eye color doesn't matter much to me. I think the eyes just compliments their sexy features more if I already think them handsome. And of course if they know how to work them eyes at the camera and touch my soul, I'm all in. :D

Carmen said...

While he keeps them disguised behind sunglasses, Acheron fron Kenyon's Dark Hunters series comes to mind...Gregori from Christine Feehan's Carpathian series dabbled in mage training which resulted in those silver eyes...

In the real world, my husband has lovely milk chocolate-colored eyes. ;)

Elizabeth H. said...

I don't think the eyes have it LOL. Okay, bad joke. The hero's actions dictate whether I fall in love with him. The outside packaging is nice but it's the heart, personality, kindness, and sense of humor that get me! As for boyfriends, 0 Real and 100+ Pretend boyfriends :)

P.S. Tattoos and scars are a plus! Yeah, I likes the bad boys ;)

Melissa Ives said...

I love blue or green eyes!

R Ward's book Lover at Last has a cover featuring her Quinn and he has one blue eye and one green.. I love that cover!

Nina Mason said...

As long as his eyes are as seductive as the dreamboats pictured, color doesn't matter. In general, though, I prefer blue or green eyes, probably because mine are brown and thus boring.The heroes I write have different colored eyes: whisky, emerald, blue, brown.

Amy Valentini said...

So many delightful suggestions of men with amazing eyes. Thank you. I also have to agree that, although I may initially be attracted by a man's eyes with no particular preference, it is the rest of him and his nature that wins me over in the end.

Thanks for playing!! xoxo