Friday, October 25, 2013

Unwrapping: Review of CAPTIVE BRIDE, a Regency Ghost Novel by Katharine Ashe

I love Katharine Ashe’s stories! Simply stated and to the point, so when her Regency ghostly romance, CAPTIVE BRIDE released, I just knew I had to read it. Saving it so close to Halloween was just pure coincidence but a totally delightful treat.

***Purchased digital copy for my own personal reading but sharing my thoughts with you.


Sensible, practical Beatrice Sinclaire has two secret passions: gothic novels and Lord Peter Cheriot, the man her beautiful sister left heartbroken years ago. When Bea’s scapegrace twin brother begs her help to rescue a maiden from a haunted castle, Bea seizes the chance for real adventure. If only Lord Cheriot didn’t insist on protecting her! How can she maintain a clear head in the face of terrible danger when all she wants is to be in his arms?

Lord Cheriot may be the catch of the London season, but he has only ever loved one woman, Bea Sinclaire. And he’s determined to have her. He doesn’t count on a meddling ghost whose demand for a virgin bride threatens Bea in the direst manner. But the specter has a deadline, All Hallows Eve, and it’s fast approaching. In the race to capture the heart of one daring lady, it’s every man—and ghost—for himself.

*                *                *               *                *

When Bea Sinclaire’s brother writes with a request for assistance that may or may not involve a ghostly presence, she doesn’t hesitate. But she is even more surprised when the man she secretly loves, yet consistently refuses, informs her that he will be accompanying her to Wales. Of course, her two great-aunts will be playing chaperone so the thought of being alone with Peter Cheriot is more a passing fancy than a reality.

Peter Cheriot is bewildered and frustrated that his offers of marriage continue to be refused by a woman who must perpetually care for a mother who holds no respect for her, and has no hope of finding a better match than him in York. He’s slightly more bewildered by the fact that it seems so important to him to obtain Bea Sinclaire’s acceptance. Now with a chance to attend her on an adventure, albeit foolish and ridiculous, Peter is as excited about the prospect as is his beautiful lady. His adventure is to win the woman who owns his heart.

Neither Bea nor Peter expect there actually to be a ghost at Gwynedd Castle. Therefore, when they discover that Lord Rhys Iversly is very real and very intent on taking a maiden as his bride by midnight on All Hallows Eve, together they embark on an adventure that brings forth more adventure than simply solving the problem of a wayward ghost.

CAPTIVE BRIDE by Katharine Ashe is a delightfully scintillating ghostly romance that lends an air of danger and mystique to a love story that would otherwise be fraught with worry as to whether or not there would be a happily-ever-after for the star couple. Even with a night of lovemaking to save Bea from a most wicked end, Peter is still frustrated with the sense that Bea will never truly be his while Bea thinks he merely acted out of pity to save her sorry soul.

Katharine has a wonderful talent for creating characters with substance and depth even when one of them is already deceased. If you haven’t read CAPTIVE BRIDE by Katharine Ashe, then by all means, do so. I highly recommend reading it within the next week or so because the timing is perfect as the ghostly hour of All Hallows Eve quickly approaches and you never know when a desperate Lord may haunt your space and seek a bride to save his soul from a warlock’s curse. Ooh, and the price is excellent!

Happy Reading Everyone!

CAPTIVE BRIDE by Katharine Ashe, self-published and available in ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes& Noble, and Kobobooks.
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