Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unwrapping: Review of SEDUCING THE SINGLE LADY by Maya Rodale

I know today is usually Wacky Wednesday but I've got some catching up to do. Don't worry, I've got plenty of goodie fun coming over the next weeks. In the meantime - a review.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, Maya Rodale is an author who not only writes wonderful historicals but has also been an important inspiration to me. It was because of something she said in an interview that inspired me to start this blog. Well, my little muse has decided to venture out on her own and has self-published a delightful historical novella called SEDUCING THE SINGLE LADY.

***I purchased this novella for my own personal reading but as always, am very willing to share my thoughts with you.


She's a single lady....
Miss Susannah Grey could have any man she wanted now that she’s beautiful, rich and finally free to encourage suitors after the death of the man to whom she's been betrothed since birth--and who fled to the continent rather than marry the girl he once described as a "scrappy brat."

He's a "reformed" rogue...
Or rather, he's trying to be. After nearly a decade of debauchery, Damien Rhys Redmayne, Viscount Bedford, has returned from the continent, thus dispelling rumors of his death. He's determined to be the dignified son his father never had, starting with marriage to the bride he left behind.

They're crazy in love...
Damien woos Susannah with a day of scandalous adventures--and happily discovers that she is one naughty girl. But when news of his foolish wager hit the gossip columns, all seems lost. Damien's only hope is to destroy the one thing binding them together and hope his broken-hearted girl believes he's irreplaceable.

                                      *                        *                       *                        *                        *

Susannah Grey is finally tasting the first delights of freedom.  Now free of a betrothal at an early age, nearly birth, to a guy who while growing up called her "a ham", a "scrappy brat", and pulled her hair constantly. He even pushed her in the lake, once upon a time, and she nearly died of humiliation when she discovered her white dress, when wet, left her looking almost naked before him. Susannah has decided to enjoy life, perhaps take a lover rather than seek a husband and as soon as she comes into her fortune tell society what they could do with their snobbery. She's happy, she's finally able to breath in her freedom, that is until HE walks in the door.

Damien, the Viscount Bedford, has lived his life to the fullest much to the detriment of his family's disappointment. As soon as he was old enough, he escaped on a wild world tour and when everyone believed him dead, he failed to reveal the truth - until now. Realizing that it was time to become the responsible man his family had expected of him, Damien has returned to London to accept his place in society and marry the woman his father, and her father, had contracted for him as a lad. He had not expected to find her grown into a beautiful woman surrounded by a multitude of beaus jockeying for her attention. Least of all, he hadn't expected her to refuse him.

SEDUCING THE SINGLE LADY by Maya Rodale is everything that I would expect from Maya. True romance, emotion, tension, and of course, characters that make you laugh, lament, and cheer when it all comes together. Damien is set upon convincing Susannah that not only would he make a worthy husband but that she will not be giving up her freedom if she consents to marry him. When she declares a wish to experience the thrills a young man is allowed, Damien makes her wish come true by dressing her in britches and taking her out for the day. Maya leads us through this romantic experience of Damien winning and seducing Susannah through inspiration garnered by the songs of BeyoncĂ©. Very clever!

I do wish that SEDUCING THE SINGLE LADY had been longer. I would like to have known a bit more of both Damien's and Susannah's past as it led up to the moment when they came face to face. We are given hints but I think their story would've been even more enjoyable if it had been longer. Perhaps her day of scandalous behavior would have been even more naughty.

I highly recommend SEDUCING THE SINGLE LADY by Maya Rodale to anyone who is already a fan of this wonderful author and to anyone who has never read her clever story-telling ability. This is a wonderful, fast-paced, and naughty historical novella that will leave you with a smile and a sigh. You might end up humming a few songs by BeyoncĂ© as well.  Oh, there are a few missing words and errors in the manuscript but hey, it's a self-pub. I just ignored them with a shrug, and kept reading. This story shouldn't be missed.

Happy Reading Everyone!

SEDUCING THE SINGLE LADY by Maya Rodale, self-published, available now in ebook formats.



lorimeehan said...

Thanks. I love Maya's book. I have this book now I just need to read it.

Amy Valentini said...

Hi Lori,
Glad you got this one already. Hope you enjoy it. Maya always give us a good read. : )