Monday, March 25, 2013

Unwrapping: Review of LOVE ON THE LINE, a novella by Kimberly Kincaid

Oh, how I do love debuts! I'm pleased to present to you a debut novella by Kimberly Kincaid, LOVE ON THE LINE. I had heard such good things about this novella, and was already getting to know Kimberly through our following of the group, Washington Loves Romance, so as soon as this novella released, I purchased it. It didn't matter that it was only available through Kindle because, thankfully, I have a Kindle app on my PC. I wasn't thrilled with having to sit at my computer to read it rather than the comfort of my sofa or bed, but I did and it was sooooo worth it!

***Copy purchased for my own personal reading and enjoyment.


Violet Morgan puts the personal in personal chef, catering to clients who want the full cooking experience rather than a culinary drop-and-dash. But when her brother’s police detective partner is injured in the line of duty and needs help during recovery, she makes an exception. Violet lost her father to the job seven years ago, and worries for her brother’s safety every day. The last thing she wants is to get up-close with her brother’s career-cop partner…again.

For Noah Blackwell, being a detective isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s a legacy. So when he’s forced to take mandatory leave and deal with the trauma amnesia keeping him from identifying his shooter, it’s a literal case of adding insult to injury— and now he’s got to deal with an unwanted culinary caregiver on top of it. Never mind that he and Violet shared a steamy, secret kiss last New Year’s Eve. She rejects everything related to the job, and Noah’s not about to be distracted from recovering his memory and getting back to what he does best. No matter how pretty Violet is.

Despite their differences, Violet and Noah share a surprising bond in the kitchen that grows into something neither of them expect. But as Noah heals and their feelings for each other extend from the kitchen to the bedroom, Violet knows she must make an impossible choice. She may wear her heart on her sleeve when it comes to food, but can she risk it all to put love on the line?

                                              *                    *                   *                  *                   *                   *

Violet Morgan is the daughter of a cop, the twin sister of a cop, and the last thing she wants to do is get involved with a cop. After losing her father to a criminal's gun, she worries every day that her brother, Jason, may suffer the same fate so when she gets a desperate call from the hospital that her brother is there, she fears the worst. When she arrives, she finds it's someone else who is on the brink of death - the man with whom she shared a stolen New Year's Eve kiss. A kiss that she's never forgotten.

Noah Blackwell is a cop. He comes from a family of cops and it's the job that defines him, but even he's not immune to the dangers of being a cop. After awakening in the hospital and being told that he's been shot, he's in a near panic because he can't remember anything leading up to the shooting. He prides himself on taking in every detail of a situation. Now he has nothing except a terrific pain in his arm, and the news that he is off the job until he's recovered both his physical health and his memory.

Hired by Noah's superiors to cook for the disabled cop, Violet isn't happy about the prospect of being in such close quarters with the man who rocked her world with one kiss, but she needs the work and the money. As a personal chef, she's used to cooking for folks in the privacy of their home, but never does she imagine her cooking will get as personal as it does with Noah.

LOVE ON THE LINE by Kimberly Kincaid is fast-paced, character-driven, filled with desire driven tension, and mouthwatering delicious kitchen events. Kimberly treats us to, not only a wonderful story and a passionate couple, but also takes our culinary imaginations on a trip through delicious meals that will have you thinking about raiding the icebox. She also tacks on one of the recipes featured as a meal that Violet and Noah cook together. I know I'm planning to try it out - minus the peas. I don't like peas any more than Noah does.

I highly recommend LOVE ON THE LINE by Kimberly Kincaid to anyone who loves a wonderful love story, delicious food, and a happily-ever-after that will make you sigh and have you wishing the story went on forever. I will eagerly be looking forward to reading more from this wonderful new author.

Happy Reading Everyone!

LOVE ON THE LINE, a novella by Kimberly Kincaid, Curtis Brown Digital, available now in ebook format for Kindle.



Kimberly Kincaid said...

I'm so glad you liked Love On The Line! I had a great time writing it, and am happily working on Violet's brother's (Jason) story. Recipe for that one? Peach cobbler!

Happy reading, everyone!

Sharlene said...

Great review! Thanks for introducing this book. Can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to read this, but it is not showing available thru Barnes & Noble....what's up with that?