Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wacky Wednesday: Romance Heroes - What's Your TYPE Say About You?

Rhett Butler was a gambler, a womanizer,
a gentleman, and a man in love.
My kind of hero!
Everyone has a TYPE of Romance Hero they are seemingly drawn to, whether it's in the movies or their favorite Romance Novels. But what does your favorite Romance Hero TYPE say about you as the reader?

Some believe the animus (according to Carl Jung - an inner masculine part of the female personality) projects those hidden male traits that a woman has buried deep inside her onto any male archetypes she encounters. These traits that she is normally unable to exercise or even acknowledge because of societal, familial, or peer pressure constraints draw her to a certain archetype of hero. The most common of these male archetypes tend to be imaginary lovers, characters in books and movies, and most dangerously, on real men - but we're not going to go that far here.  Instead, let's think about the book heroes we gravitate towards and which ones we choose to indulge in or rather the one our animus chooses for us - or is it that he chooses us - based on those masculine characteristics that are so much a part of each of us.  

Let's take a look at the different character types of Romance Heroes:

The Knight in Shining Armor:  A woman who chooses this man is seeking something better, more pure, something with a higher standard. This woman sets high standards for herself and seeks someone who can prove himself worthy of her. This woman often in her real life must be strong for those around her and protect others. She dreams of having someone in her life that's courageous, mighty, and bold. Someone who will be her champion and protector. She finds her Knight in every character who is larger than life, pure of heart, good in nature, talented and heroic. Typically, this character is more often than not an Athlete, a Policeman/Fireman, a Doctor, or Military Man - someone like Runner Gabriel Huntford in Anna Randol's SINS OF A VIRGIN.

The Free Spirit:  What kind of woman is seeking this hero type? Usually one who wants to play at love. She wants a charming, funny, and teasing kind of man who will chase her until she finally captures his heart. This hero type tends to be a free-spirit whose life seems like a never-ending party. Perhaps this woman has many responsibilities on her plate and so by escaping with this wandering minstrel type of hero, she gains a sense of freedom. An escape from having to always be the grown-up and always having to make the decisions. Typically, this character is a Regency Duke, an Adventurer, a Cowboy, a Rock Star or Playboy Millionaire - someone like Brady Talmadge in Lori Wilde's THE COWBOY AND THE PRINCESS.

The Bad Boy:  A lot of women are hot for the Bad Boy, are you one? This hero is the one that you know is trouble from the moment you meet him. You know that whatever he gets involves with is most likely dangerous but you can't resist him and your imagination goes wild with a frenzy to be part of his life. Perhaps it's because you're always counted on to do the right thing, don't dare to be selfish and always put everyone else before yourself. The idea of taking off with this Bad Boy hero type is something you'd love to do or would like to be in real life but know it can never be. So why not escape with him into your imagination instead? Typically, this character is most likely to be a Rake, a Pirate, a Womanizer, Biker or even a Prisoner - wrongly convicted, of course -  or someone like Rio Santana in Joan Swan's INTIMATE ENEMIES.

The Good Man:  This is a hero who is mysterious, powerful, gentle and caring. The woman who seeks this hero longs for guidance, enlightenment and in part - saving. She may find her own life too routine or mundane.  She may be the one who guides and often lends her strength to others. So, she seeks someone greater than herself to lead her to a fulfillment beyond her reach. Her imagination is open to new and imaginative things. Typically this character is a Vicar, a Teacher, or a Magical Man with extraordinary powers - someone like Vicar Adam Sylvaine in Julie Ann Long's upcoming new release, A NOTORIOUS COUNTESS CONFESSES (Oct 30th)

The Not Quite Human:  This hero tends to be, by nature of its inhumanity, amoral, lustful, dark in personality and being, but sensually appealing to a woman seeking love in surrender. She seeks to give in to indulgences that reward her with bliss and satisfaction. She sees the good in this character even when he denies it himself. By seeking this dark, lust-driven man, she satisfies the need to indulge in her own need for lust without compunction and surrendering herself to her darker nature. She imagines giving herself to someone who is more powerful and more uninhibited than herself. Typically this character is a Vampire, Shapeshifter, Demon, or other paranormal hero - someone like Logan Winters in Juliana Stones' upcoming new novella release, TO HELL AND BACK (Oct 30th).

So, now that you've met the usual archetype heroes that fill our Romance Novels, which one calls to you most often?

I think I have a penchant for a cross between a Knight in Shining Armor, a Bad Boy and a Not Quite Human type Romance Hero - I do love my men in uniform but there's nothing like a bad boy to make your heart race and then those paranormal heroes - ooooh, be still my heart. I have to admit that I'm one of those always taking care of others, counted on to do the right thing, kind of person but I also recognize my dark side and totally admit that I'd love nothing better than to be a Sex Demon.  *wink*  

How 'bout you? What's your Romance Hero Type and what does it say about you?

Happy Reading Everyone!



Jaye Shields said...

The night and shining armor and the not quite human. Definitely. :)

Lorraine Pearl said...

Great post. I definitely love the not quite human hero, which is why I write about vampires. I'm starting to have a little thing for angels lately, too, but it's usually the dark angels.

Amy Valentini said...

Oooh, dark angels! I like that idea.

Hey Jaye, wouldn't a cross between a Knight in Shining Armor and a Not Quite Human make for a fab hero? Oooh, wait, I think I'm reading one now. *wink*

Thanks for coming by, my dears!

Jaye Shields said...

Awww, Amy! Omg, tee hee. LOVE YOU!

kipha said...

Great post!! Mine is a touch of everything: The Knight in Shining Armor, the Good Man, the Free Spirit, and the Bad Boy!!
But I think I'm on the verge of Free Spirit and the Good Man with a hint of Bad Boy. I mean come on, who doesn't love a mysterious, powerful, gentle and caring man with a mix of charm, humor, and tease along with the line of being dangerous at the same time. :)

Leah Weller said...

I'm a free spirit/bad boy type of gal. My own life outside of my reading loves have proven that, LOL! Now if I could have my free spirit/bad boy dressed in a suit of shining armor, wielding a sword, I would be in heaven!

Amy Valentini said...

Sounds like you ladies have amazing heroes! ; )

Thanks for coming by and joining in the fun. xoxo

Mary Anne Landers said...

Thank you for your post, Amy. My favorite type of romance hero is whichever kind I'm in the mood for at the moment.

My dream men tend to be heroes who are truly heroic, who go above and beyond for love; or ordinary guys looking for love amidst the problems and complications of life. I also dig mystical types, but they're pretty rare.

I know I'm weird, but there's one common aspect of romance heroes I don't care for one bit. I don't want to read about a man who needs to be redeemed. I don't see how men like this can give love or be worthy to receive it.

I realize countless readers think redemption is romantic, but I beg to differ. When I read a romance, I want to read about love, not redemption.

Keep up the good work!

Amy Valentini said...

Mary Anne, I do agree with you about heroes not always having to be redeemed. Sometimes, I enjoy a hero who just needs to learn to love again after being crushed by it previously. It's always romantic to think that love conquers all. Thanks for coming by and I'm very glad you enjoyed the post. : )