Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Unwrapping: Wacky Wednesday - Miss Jane's Eye Candy

I've been feeling much the way Jane felt when she fell ill at Netherfield Hall and have been fighting some kind of bug since Friday which gives a whole new meaning to Black Friday for me. But I took some meds this morning that actually have my head unstuffed enough to think so I'm going to get this post done before I fall into another fog.  : )

The other day I enjoyed a delightful discussion on another blog about who was the better man, Mr. Darcy or Captain Wentworth ... personally, I think they are both lovely but have a special affinity for Mr. Knightley.  My likes and dislikes of an Austen man come from the books but I do have to admit that with the onslaught of productions made, my likes and dislikes have been greatly reinforced by the male who plays the part in the various visual versions.

Take Mr. Darcy ... we all nearly agree completely that Colin Firth is THE Mr. Darcy that we now imagine when we read PRIDE AND PREJUDICE but there have been others who haven't been too hard on the eyes or the heart.
But when Matthew MacFadyen stutters his words and declares, "you have bewitched me body and soul." I melt completely away!!!

Then there's Elliot Cowan from LOST IN AUSTEN who isn't anything to toss in the trash although I suspect he might have made a better Heathcliff but then that's a different genre.

As for Captain Wentworth, I personally feel the eye candy is not quite as sweet but I certainly wouldn't turn any down.  I've always felt that the Captain deserved a better look when it came to casting the role after all, the man is charming, dashing and easily caught the eye of many a female.   Rupert Penry-Jones, I think has caught the eye of the viewers --

But I've always felt that CiarĂ¡n Hinds might have had more the look of a man who had ridden the seas and seen battle.
If ever someone decides to make another production of PERSUASION, and I hope they will, I hope they consider someone like Philip Winchester - now there's an American, who can do British and would make a very good Captain Wentworth - in my opinion, of course.

And then there's my favorite Mr. Knightley -
It goes without saying that Jeremy Northam is probably my ideal sweet George but other's have done the job well, too.


Mark Strong played the role quite well and brought out the country gentleman in Mr. Knightley to Kate Beckinsale's so-so Emma.

My least favorite George Knightley was Jonny Lee Miller's portrayal but he would do in a pinch so I'm not going to throw him out.  : )

Oh, my word but there are so many more delicious Austen men to choose from but since I'm beginning to get a bit foggy again, I think I'll save the others for another day. If you have any Austen men that you are particularily fond of, I'd love to know about it.

If remakes were made of all of Miss Jane's works, who would you like to see play your favorite heroes?

Till next time - Happy Reading Everyone!


Beebs said...

Hi Amy, sorry to hear you're not feeling well, hope you're better soon.

I'd like to see a better version of Mansfield Park, it's not my favourite Austen but I've seen a few adaptations of it and, for me, they just don't quite hit the mark. I don't know who'd play Edmund.

Could we have a new version of Persuasion with Ioan Gruffud(?) as Wentworth cos we already know he looks good in the navy uniform and he's gorgeous. Loved the Ciaran Hinds version but prefer to look at Rupert Penry Jones.

I don't think Colin Firth's Darcy or Jeremy Northam's Knightley could be bettered and IMHO Alan Rickman is Brandon, though I wasn't too keen on Hugh Grant's Edward Ferrars but I did like Greg Wise as Willoughby.

The last version of Northanger with JJ Field was ok but could've been better. They'll just have to keep making new versions of MP and NA til they get it right. lol

Amy Valentini said...

Hi Beebs,
As long as the meds keep working, I can. : )
You are so right about Colin and Jeremy forever being Darcy and Knightley in our imaginations and I do love Alan as Brandon. I loved Greg as Willoughby so much that I actually hoped the story would change and it would work out for Marianne to be with him. : )
It's funny that you didn't think much of Hugh Grant as Ferras either. I thought it was just me - he just seemed too, too, too polite.
I love all the works and I know that P & P, S & S, and EMMA are the faves but I do so love PERSUASION and you might have something there with Ioan Gruffudd as Wentworth - sweeeet. MANSFIELD PARK and NORTHANGER ABBEY need to get their time in the sun as well. I had often thought Christian Bale as Edmund but I suppose he's too old now.
Thanks, as always, for visiting. I always so enjoy it. Have a great day and Happy Reading! <3

Maureen said...

I realize you weren't feeling well but I believe that Johnny Lee Miller played Edmund in Mansfield Park, I have literally every make of every Jane Austen film, including Northanger Abbey with Peter Firth, a remake I would love to see as Peter Firth did nothing for me. Anyway the newer Mansfield Edmund was definitely Johnny Lee Miller - it was the meds I am sure. As to Knightly and Darcy without a doubt Northam and Firth - hands down.

Amy Valentini said...

Actually, Jonny Lee Miller did play both roles but thanks for mentioning his role as Edmund, he was okay but I'm still hoping for a more solid production of MANSFIELD PARK. He was actually a better Edmund than Mr. Knightley, perhaps it's his baby face. : )