Monday, November 28, 2011

Unwrapping: How Do You Solve A Problem Like ... A Bad Read?

Remember the song "Maria" from the SOUND OF MUSIC? For some reason, ever since I started reading my current read, that song has been running through my head - specifically the line, How do you solve a problem like Maria?

I didn't feel well all weekend and am still not feeling very chipper, so instead of writing in the evening, I decided to start reading a new book by an author I had never read before. Because I haven't finished the book, I'm not going to condemn it quite yet - it might get better- at least I hope it will. But it makes me wonder ...

I love to read and there is nothing better than to get caught up in a story as soon as you begin reading Chapter 1, but what do you do when that first chapter isn't all that? Worse, it still hasn't captured you after the third chapter? 

How DO you solve the problem of a bad read?

I suppose I could just stop reading but that's where I have trouble. I don't like to give up on a book or anything.  I've sat through many a really bad movie because I kept telling myself to hang on, it might get better.  There have only been a handful that I shut off after the first 15 minutes because I just couldn't bear one more second.  A good example is THE THREE AMIGOS ... geez, what a horrible movie!

I suppose I could skip through to a later chapter to see if it's any better but then I would worry about missing out on an important piece of information needed for the story to make sense. Speaking of information - just how much information is needed to push the story along? Do we really need an elaborate description of a woman's full attire to produce an image in our mind?

I should mention that this particular book that I am reading is set in England a couple of decades before we pesky Colonials decided to separate ourselves from English rule. I appreciate a little history with my romance but not to the point of feeling like I'm going to be tested on it after I reach the HEA.

So with that in mind, I suppose I could skim the areas of historical reference - btw, this book actually has a bibliography in the back - or should I worry that some of that reference is pertinent to the story and so I need to read it? 

How do you solve a problem like a bad read?

In my case, I guess I will continue to plug along but I will tell you this - if it isn't any better by the middle, I'm turning it off or rather closing it up.

So, I'm curious ... what do you do when you come across a bad read?

I'm hoping your current read is a good one.  Happy Reading Everyone. 


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