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Unwrapping a Guest Review by Connie Fischer of HIS UNEXPECTED HEIRESS, an Entangled Inheritance novel by Sally Britton

Greetings my darling readers, I know I’ve been remiss in providing you reviews of good reads this past year and I apologize. Life has a hold on me which does not allow me much reading time. I have tried to make up for that in publishing my own good reads for you and I hope you’ve given them a try. So to make up for my neglect, I will be offering up guest reviews for you enjoy. I hope to be back reviewing for you soon but in the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy my dear friend, Connie Fischer’s reviews to guide you to good reads. Enjoy and Happy Reading!

I present to you a guest review of HIS UNEXPECTED HEIRESS, an Entangled Inheritance novel by Sally Britton, published July 12, 2019.


An unexpected fortune falls into a tradeswoman’s lap, a gentleman insists it rightfully belongs to him, will falling in love make matters better or worse?

A third son to an earl, Adam Gillensford knows his only hope of an inheritance is through his great uncle. But when the Will is read, Adam learns most of the wealth has been left to a complete stranger, and a seamstress at that. If he hopes to salvage any kind of funds for himself, he has two choices: adhere to his late uncle’s wishes and assist the new heiress in finding her way, or sabotage her so the courts will find her unfit to inherit. Deciding his course would be easier if the heiress wasn’t so enchanting.

Elaine Chapple, a woman in trade, is rather used to being seen as unusual. But running her own dress shop is far different from discovering a man she barely knew left his entire estate in her care. As unexpected as the fortune is, the help of the gentleman attached to it is even more perplexing. Does Mr. Gillensford mean to make her a success, or a fool?

With a greedy family urging Adam to act for his own good, and Elaine’s difficulty in adapting to her new life, only love could possibly untangle this mess.


Connie’s Review:

Elaine Chapple, age 26, is a seamstress working in her shop in Ipswich. Her father had been a tailor and taught her the trade. She had also attended a good finishing school. Seeing an older man standing outside in the cold rain, she graciously invites him into her warm shop. Speaking in a cultured voice, he introduces himself as Peter Gillensford. She offers him a cup of tea and some tarts she had made. They chat and he is pleased at her kindness. As he leaves, she tries to go after him to offer him an umbrella but cannot catch up with him. That’s when she sees him get into a very elegant carriage.

Adam Gillensford is the third son of the deceased Earl of Montecliff. His older brother, Richard, is now the Earl. Another brother is in the military and Adam knows he must choose a course in life but has no interest in the law or the clergy. They also have two younger sisters. His uncle, Peter Gillensford, has just passed away leaving no children, and the family is waiting for the man’s solicitor to come and read his will to them. Knowing he was a very wealthy man, they are eager to see what he could have left them. Imagine their shock when some are bequeathed insults and a couple others are bequeathed some money. Peter has left the bulk of his estate to Miss Elaine Chapple, a seamstress from Ipswich. She must agree to live at Peter’s estate for one year. During that time, Adam must agree to be her guide in financial and social matters. After one year he will then inherit some stocks and shares. If he refuses, he will inherit nothing. In addition, should anyone contest the will, they will receive nothing.

Elaine arrives at Tertium Park, the estate that Peter has left her, she also brings her two wards with her. She is stunned at the size and beauty of the place. Adam arrives soon after and introduces himself. She finds him quite handsome.

Adam proves to be very helpful to Elaine and she finds herself depending upon him more and more. However, she is unaware of the stipulation in his uncle’s will that he must do this. She thinks he is just being kind. Adam hopes she doesn’t find out because he finds himself falling in love with her. What would happen if she does?

This is a sweet romance that I enjoyed very much. The author shows how Adam changes from being irked at having to help this young woman in order to gain his inheritance, to truly enjoy doing it and spending time with Elaine. Elaine is a strong character with a vulnerable side that tends to lean on Adam for help. A perfect couple has been created. Congratulations to Sally Britton for writing yet another wonderful book.

Copy provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

HIS UNEXPECTED HEIRESS, an Entangled Inheritance novel by Sally Britton, available now at Kindle Unlimited and Amazon in ebook and print.

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