Friday, October 26, 2018

New Covers for Books 1 & 2 and Cover Reveal for IN THE ARMS OF HER ANGEL by Amy Valentini


Where the past meets the present and love lives forever.

Seeking the Past...
Emma Wells has uncovered clues that might prove an old family tale as being true. Strange things lead her to question whether her grandfather’s death may not have been an accident and goes in search of something worth killing him for buried on her property. When she asks an old friend to assist, the man who comes in his place is the last person she ever wanted to respond to her call for help.

Seeking a Second Chance…
Sam Martinelli has been hoping for a reason to get close to the woman he still loves since he destroyed their relationship five years ago. His foolish actions drove her away then, but now he’s hoping his expertise as well as time working with her allows him another chance.

Uncovering Secrets...
When Emma’s suspicions prove to have substance, she convinces Sam to help her even if he still carries doubts. Being with him again, she begins to question her heart and past as well as her foolish pride. When things take a dangerous turn, Emma realizes she must trust the man she trusts least, especially when the past collides with the present and the truth of it all is uncovered.


Where the past meets the present and love lives forever.

The Seekers of the Past series continues as Emma and Sam seek answers to a growing number of questions. The discovery of gold on the family farm has left them wondering about the world, time, and love. If love conquers all, can love prove greater than even time?

Emma discovers a journal written by the youngest member of the Embry family. The author of the journal is her look alike from the past. She begins reading the story of Anna Pelt and Joshua Embry. His return from England with a future bride has left Anna questioning her place in his world. Having loved him all of her life, she feels betrayed and discarded. When he claims to love her but honor is forcing him to marry the woman chosen by his parents, Anna believes it is because he thinks her too far beneath him—only a servant, and not good enough to be his wife. Can love prove stronger than honor?

Can the journey to find the answers Emma and Sam seek about the past uncover more about their mysterious connection to the couple in the portrait? 

And a peek at book 3 –

coming soon!

Where the past meets the present and love lives forever.

The Seekers of the Past series continues with Emma and Sam seeking answers even while the journal's magic leaves them wondering about time and forever love. Emma wonders if there something special—something magical—about the journal and if it’s all happening because it was written by her doppelganger from the past.

Journey with Emma as her reading sends her on a journey to where the past meets the present with Daniel Embry and Ginny Blackwood. When Daniel encounters a thief, only to discover he is actually a beautiful young woman in need of his assistance to save her father, he discovers she seeks a treasure. Is it the gold?

Haunted by her past, Ginny holds clues to a missing treasure in the form of a riddle—a riddle she is unable to decipher. The solution lies in the secrets she holds locked in her memories, but will she ever trust Daniel enough to reveal them? Danger follows them from Charleston to New Orleans. Will the answers they find lead them to what they need or be their end? And while both protect their hearts from love, will they surrender to the desire they crave in each other’s arms?

I hope you’ll read and enjoy the Seekers of the Past series. I do!
Happy Reading Everyone!


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