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A Review of THE SATYR'S CURSE II - THE RECKONING by Alexandrea Weis

I love anything to do with the supernatural…within reason of course, I don’t play with Ouija boards. But I do love to read stories based in the supernatural. Having read and thoroughly enjoyed THE SATYR’S CURSE by Alexandrea Weis, I knew I had to read the sequel—THE SATYR’S CURSE II – THE RECKONING. Especially since the third book in the series, THE SATYR’S CURSE III – REDEMPTION is releasing October 24th. Sweeet!

***purchased for my own personal reading but sharing an honest and unscripted review


Jazzmyn Livaudais is struggling to hold it together. With a continuously cranky baby, a rocky relationship with her fiancĂ©, Kyle, and money getting tight at her restaurant, she’s having trouble staying focused. But when the strange nightmares begin, Jazzmyn knows it can only mean one thing: Julian Devereau is back.

In order to protect her daughter and Kyle, Jazzmyn must keep Julian from his moment of reckoning. Will the satyr’s curse be lifted, or will Jazzmyn find the strength to destroy Julian Devereau once and for all?

Some curses are never meant to be broken, and some desires are never meant to be undone.

Beware The Satyr’s Curse.


Having hoped she’d freed herself from the unseemly bond that the Satyr man, Julian Devereau had connected with her since childhood, Jazzmyn Livaudais was trying to make a life for herself with her daughter, Jackie and her fiancĂ©, Kyle but things weren’t going well. Kyle was pushing to get married but he’d begun drinking again even after promising her not to, especially at the restaurant. Then there were the strange dreams…sexy disturbing dreams of Julian and the sexual energy that always existed between them. Jackie seemed at odds as well, acting as if she didn’t like Kyle even though he was the only father her baby daughter had ever known. But then there were strange feelings of being watched, toys appearing out of nowhere and other things that kept her on edge. Jazzmyn was beginning to worry that Julian had returned and if he had, what he would do. He had not been happy when she and Ms. Helen sent him away in the cemetery that bizarre night.

A trip to one of the strongest voodoo witches tells her Julian Devereau is not done with her and it’s up to her to banish him forever before he stays forever, trapping her in his world—but can she do it?

I will warn you up front, THE SATYR’S CURSE series is a continuing story. To understand the second book, you must read the first and to find out what finally happens in the end, we’ll have to read the third book, which I’m looking forward to immensely.

Alexandrea Weis writes the most amazing stories set in New Orleans. She creates such an atmosphere around her characters that you want desperately to visit the city even before finishing reading the book. Whereas, this series is not a true romance in that there is not a happily-ever-after…at least, not yet…it’s a remarkable unique and suspenseful example of extraordinary women’s fiction and the relationship between men and women. She has many other series, which are equally good and I highly advise you perusing her book list. There seriously is something for everyone.

For me, I love her supernatural stories with voodoo, ghosts, and dark secrets lurking in the background, which keep you wondering about the characters and what’s really happening. This is exactly the setting for THE SATYR’S CURSE II – THE RECKONING. Julian Devereau is not a nice man. He’s selfish, self-centered, and highly egotistical but he’s also man from the past living in a modern age with antiquated ideals. He’s the man you wish you could truly despise but somehow you know there’s a good soul lurking within all the darkness and he's sexy as hell. I won’t tell you what happens but we get a glimpse of that light within the dark this time around.

Alexandrea takes us on a ride that keeps you changing your mind about Julian and Jazzmyn, and what she should do. What I love most about THE RECKONING is that it proves once again that the greatest gift is love and that love can conquer all things when it’s needed.

I highly recommend THE SATYR’S CURSE II – THE RECKONING by Alexandrea Weis if you love the unusual, the mysterious, and a story with such a dark core but in the end, you might just find yourself smiling.

Happy Reading Everyone!

THE SATYR’S CURSE II – THE RECKONING by Alexandrea Weis, World Castle Publishing, available now in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.

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