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Unwrapping a Review of THE MEDIUM PATH by Elizabeth Davies

Other than blog tours, I haven’t been accepting too many review requests lately because my schedule doesn’t allow enough reading time but then, every once in a while, an author comes along with a story idea that intrigues so that I just can’t say no. Elizabeth Davies did just that when she asked me to read and review THE MEDIUM PATH. I’m so glad I did. This one was different, intriguing, and kept me entertained to the very end.

***eCopy provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review


Ruby died nearly one hundred years ago. She saw spirits of the dead when she was alive, and now she is dead she has become a guide who helps ghosts pass on. When ghosts start being taken by darkness instead of the light, Ruby is forced to seek help from a handsome and unwilling medium, who awakens emotions she never knew she had.

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Ruby is a ghost, well, not just a ghost…actually, she’s a spirit guide, but she is indeed dead. She died nearly one hundred years ago after being mistreated and abused as a mental patient in an institution for the insane. She wasn’t insane. She simply could see and talk to ghosts. She was a medium. After dying, she didn’t go into the light as most spirits do but instead, became a member of a group of spirits who remain in the world to assist and guide the newly dead to understand that they are both dead and need to give their life force to someone still living before going into the light. She can’t help but wonder what happens next just as we, the living, do. She has no idea, and a day doesn’t pass that she doesn’t wish she can go too.

Until one day when she meets Michael, now she wishes for more than just going into the light. She wishes to live again so she might know love...with Michael. She quickly learns that Michael is not only a medium as she was when she was alive, but he sees more in her than just a spirit…he sees the woman she was and still is.

When she suddenly discovers something strange happening when spirits are supposed to go into the light but instead are enveloped in darkness, she goes to her medium friend, Jennifer, and her fellow spirit guides. Michael is pulled into the circle because he too, can see spirits—Ruby, in particular. Only when she finally discovers the truth of what’s happening, she finds herself trapped by an evil she never expected.

THE MEDIUM PATH by Elizabeth Davies is a most unusual romance story. The characters are alive and resilient, even though most of them are dead. Ruby is endearing and at times, heartbreaking because she yearns for so much of life that she missed when actually alive. She envies her friend, Jennifer, her happy life and pregnancy. She yearns to be loved by Michael as a woman and not just a friendly spirit. When an opportunity arises which may allow her to live as a living, breathing woman, she seriously considers taking it, even as others think it is wrong. It begs the reader to consider just what anyone would do for real love.

THE MEDIUM PATH by Elizabeth Davies is not your average ghost story, it’s a young woman’s journey to finding her place in eternity, and a chance at love. Unusual, touching, mysterious, and at times a bit scary, THE MEDIUM PATH is an intriguing read that will capture your imagination and your heart. I highly recommend reading this one if you’re a fan of the movie, GHOST, and the television show, GHOST WHISPERER. Yes, this one will touch you like those did.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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