Monday, February 23, 2015

Unwrapping a Review of THE IMMORTAL WHO LOVED ME, an Argeneau novel by Lynsay Sands

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I love the Argeneau novels by Lynsay Sands. Well, she’s got a new one coming from Avon Romance tomorrow! THE IMMORTAL WHO LOVED ME is book 21 in the Argeneau series, and it’s a definitely hot addition to the rest.

***eARC provided by publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest and unscripted review


A few hours ago, Sherry Carne would have sworn that vampires didn’t exist. That’s before rogue immortals rampage through her store, leaving bloody chaos (literally) in their wake. The kicker comes when Sherry learns that one of the vamps on the bad guys’ trail may be her life mate. Her head says it’s impossible. The rest of her takes one look at Basileios Argeneau and has much more interesting ideas.

Whatever Basil expected in a life mate, funny, outspoken Sherry isn’t it. But mind-blowing chemistry and instinct don’t lie. They tell him something else, too—that Sherry’s connection to the immortal world goes deeper than she knows. And that she’s in the kind of danger only Basil can save her from—if she’ll just trust him, now and forever . . .

*                  *                   *                   *                    * 

Sherry Carne owns a kitchenware shop and she’s proud of it, business is looking good. She’s thinking life is coming along well when suddenly a teenage girl runs into her store, hides in Sherry’s office and begins telling her outrageous things about reading minds, no-fangers, and when the worst of the no-fangers, Leo, manages to make one of her customers cut her own throat, Sherry discovers her life will never be the same again.

Basil Argeneau – that’s Baw-zil, not Bay-sil – has been waiting a lifetime, a very long lifetime, for a life mate. When he’s introduced to a mortal woman who is being hunted by Leonius Livius, he goes into full protective mode like any good immortal who’s just met his life mate would. It isn’t going to be easy for him though, since Sherry isn’t any ordinary life mate. She’s a very independent woman with a will of her own and perhaps, a secret even she doesn’t know.

In a nutshell, I love the Argeneaus. Lynsay Sands can put together just about any kind of story featuring an Argeneau or Argeneau relation and I’m going to get excited about reading it. Not always, am I completely satisfied by each one, but it doesn’t keep me from coming back for the next one. Well, in THE IMMORTAL WHO LOVED ME, Lynsay leads off with action, carries us forward with more action, some very steamy life mate sex between Basil and Sherry, and then manages to keep us guessing clear to the end about what is going to happen regarding the evil no-fanger, Leo and wondering who is misdirecting Sherry. I have to admit that my imagination was going in all kinds of directions, but I love the way Lynsay puts it all together in the end.

As usual, we are treated to characters from past books that we’ve come to know and love, including our favorite mischievous enforcer, Justin Bricker. I hear his story is in the works. Yay! In THE IMMORTAL WHO LOVED ME, it’s definitely a family affair trying to keep Sherry and Stephanie safe from the evil clutches of Leo and his sons with a lot of fun banter, sexy innuendos, and keeping tabs on Stephanie, who is simply a normal teenager with a little too much know-how.

I highly recommend THE IMMORTAL WHO LOVED ME by Lynsay Sands if you’re a fan of the Argeneaus because it’s fun, action-packed, immortal sexy, and gives us some definite satisfaction. If you’ve never delved into the world of the Argeneaus then please do, because they’re not your normal paranormal romance. They are funny, sexy, emotional, and strangely normal. Give ‘em a try, you might just fall in love with these amazing characters and be as hooked as the rest of us.

Happy Reading Everyone!

THE IMMORTAL WHO LOVED ME, an Argeneau novel by Lynsay Sands, Avon Romance, release date – February 24, 2015 in print and ebook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobobooks.
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Renee B said...

Great review. I really have loved this one. This whole series has been great. The first book was one of my first vampire romances, and I have been reading Sands since she first started this series. And its been so fun seeing all these characters get their own book. This one was a hoot, I really loved the beginning.

Amy Valentini said...

Thank you, Renee, I'm glad you enjoyed it. The beginning was great, wasn't it? Really grabbed, and then all we could do was hang on! Thanks for coming by. xox

emaginette said...

Looks like I've been missing out. I'll check out the series :-)

Anna from Shout with Emaginette

Amy Valentini said...

emaginette, this is a truly fun series. I hope you try it out. There's a lot of books to choose from to start at, but I'm sure you'll enjoy whichever one you start with. Thanks for coming by! :-)