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Unwrapping a Review for FINDING NATHAN, book two in the Jordan Spagnato series by H.J. Harley

In February of 2013, I reviewed an amazing debut novel, FINDING JORDIE by a talented new writer, H.J. Harley that blew me away. Well, I’m so excited to tell you that the sequel, FINDING NATHAN is now here! In this amazing story, Jordie and Nathan’s journey continues and gets a whole lot hotter.

***I was provided with an unedited copy by the author for the purposes of professional editing but by switching hats, I’m providing you an honest and unscripted review.


The long awaited honeymoon is finally over for leading man, Nathan Harper and his feisty bride, Jordie, but settling into a contented routine as a newly formed family proves as bumpy as their whirlwind love affair and the dangers it drew to them. Now an anonymous internet stalker seems bent on destroying Jordie and upsetting the hard-won balance she’s found with the love of her life. On top of that, she’s never needed her strength more than when her husband puts his private journal into her hands and lets her see the darkest months of her life through his shadowed eyes. Who will wound her more, the man who loves and cherishes her, or her hidden enemy?

*           *            *            *            * 

Jordie and Nathan Harper are married, have a son together, are raising Jordie's daughter, Emma together, and after a harrowing experience with Jordie’s ex-husband, and Nathan losing his memory, they are finally together, happy, and starting a new life in a new place.

If only things stayed that simple, that contented, and safe but being married to a sexy movie star comes with its problems and one of them has become a huge pain in the ass for Jordie. An anonymous Internet stalker is determined to upset Jordie, her life with Nathan, and even put her family in danger. Then as if her life isn’t stressed enough, Nathan decides to share his journal from when he lost his memory. He wants her to know what was going through his mind and his heart during that time, but Jordie isn’t too sure she wants to know once she starts reading when she discovers entries mentioning the women in Nathan’s life, especially one who is currently making herself far too available to her husband.

FINDING NATHAN, a Jordan Spagnato novel by H.J. Harley is even more fast-paced, romantic, brimming with affection, tender moments, and definitely sexier than FINDING JORDIE – but then they’re married in this one! The sex is wilder, hotter, and certainly very spontaneous. The journals are interspersed throughout the story and will guarantee to bursts of emotion for both Jordie and Nathan as well as the reader.

If you read FINDING JORDIE then you’re going to thoroughly enjoy revisiting the wonderful characters you came to love in FINDING NATHAN. Frank, Rachel, and Emma are constants that keep Jordie and Nathan on their toes and keep the story real. Jordie is still as rough and tumble as she was when we first met her, motherhood hasn’t softened her attitude or her language but we wouldn't want her any other way. Nathan is still as sexy as before and he makes sure he shows Jordie often just how much he loves and desires her. But all of that aside, there’s the angst that travels through this story that keeps us turning the pages, worrying about Jordie, and whether or not Nathan’s world is going to leak into their happy world causing more harm than good. The suspense is definitely felt throughout the story and in the end, you’re going to be very surprised at the culprit.

H.J. Harley does an excellent job of using redirection to keep us guessing as to who is making life miserable for Jordie and why. Love a good suspense, and this one did it for me.

I highly recommend FINDING NATHAN by H.J. Harley most definitely to anyone who read FINDING JORDIE because this one brings you the answer to every question you had at the end of the first book, and treats you to life after a HEA for Jordie and Nathan. If by chance, you haven’t read FINDING JORDIE, I highly recommend it but honestly, FINDING NATHAN can hold its own as a stand-alone read but frankly, why would you want to miss how they met, fell in love, and came to marry. My suggestion to you is to read them both, and then get ready for the third Jordan Spagnato book that gets a tease at the end of this one. And the fun continues.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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