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Stop on the STOP DRAGON MY HEART AROUND by Susannah Scott Review Blog Tour + Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the STOP DRAGON MY HEART AROUND by Susannah Scott blog tour. When I found out that Susannah was publishing another dragon story to follow up LUCK OF THE DRAGON, I couldn’t resist the chance to read it early. STOP DRAGON MY HEART AROUND by Susannah Scott is amazing and as much as I loved LUCK OF THE DRAGON, she beat it!

***eARC provided by author in exchange for an honest and unscripted review


Lucky Leprechaun underwear ironed? Check.
Gold plated hearing aids? Check.
Pink doggy booties, times four? Check.

Tee is Vegas’s favorite casino hostess, ready to grant her high rollers their every quirky wish. But when her own wish to financially help her Paiute Tribe finally comes true, she decides to double-down with lady luck and go for a hot hook-up with her sexy boss, Leo. Unfortunately, Tee’s about to find out why their romance is such a long shot—Leo is a shape-shifting dragon.

Leo needs a proper dragon mate to save his waning dragon form, and despite their magnetic sexual attraction, he knows Tee is anything but proper—or a dragon. But when threats arise from Tee's tribe, Leo’s protective instincts kick in. Can he give up his dragon form for the woman he loves—even if it means shortening his life? Or has Tee finally had enough of having her heart dragged around?

*                 *                 *                  *                   *

Tallulah Alameda, or Tee to all her friends, is the best at what she does as a casino hostess at the amazing Crown Jewel casino in Las Vegas. She is a woman of detail, precision, able to grant her high rollers their every desire, within in reason of course, but the one thing she isn’t able to do is capture the heart of her gorgeous and very sexy boss, Leonidas Ryan. Even when she and her friends concoct Operation Leo and she throws herself at him in the hotel elevator, she is ready to do something she never does – give up.

Leo has a problem. Besides the fact that he’s in charge of operations while his boss is away on his honeymoon, besides the fact that his employees are competing for a huge bonus and high rollers are planning fake weddings, he’s trying desperately to stay clear of his gorgeous and oh, so desirable favorite hostess, Tee Alameda. Leo’s dragon wants her but she’s not his mate so no matter how much he wants the human woman who makes his dragon roar, he can’t hurt Tee that way. He knows his dragon form will soon begin to fade, but can he give it up for the love of a human? But when he discovers she could be his mate after all, will Tee still want him once she learns the truth – that he and many of her friends are actually dragons? 

After reading LUCK OF THE DRAGON by Susannah Scott, I didn’t think she could top the amazing delight of dragons, their mysterious life, their relationship to gems, and their shifting and flying. I’ve always loved dragons and so Susannah’s dragons are an instant draw for me, but what she does with their stories, their hearts, and their falling in love is beyond good, it’s great.

STOP DRAGON MY HEART AROUND by Susannah Scott is different, delightful, deliciously sexy, and Leo and Tee are a couple to cheer on from the start. Their banter, their arguments, their teasing, and their connection is unique, intriguing, and so satisfying when Tee finally comes around to giving herself over to her heart, instead of her fears. Each has their fears, their secrets, their mysteries, and their desire. All of which pull them together in an undeniable love that will soar as high as Leo’s dragon can take them.

I highly recommend STOP DRAGON MY HEART AROUND by Susannah Scott to anyone who loves romance for romance sake. Even if you’re not into shape shifting heroes, try this one on for size, you just might surprise yourself and find that you’re as eager to see the dragons fly as I am. I can’t wait for more dragons from Susannah – Mei is going to have to give in to Darius sooner, or later, right? That's a whole other story. 


“Good day, ladies.” Leo poured on his Australian accent and the two woman shrieked like schoolgirls. “I’m actually Leonidas Ryan, head of Casino Operations, but people often say I look like that actor.” He looked at her in question.

“Chris Hemsworth,” Tee said with an eye roll. “You’re nothing like him.”

“Yes, he is,” Trixie said, staring at Leo like a carb-dieter drooling over a loaded pizza. “Those eyes, those shoulders. That accent. I bet you have a six pack too.” She smiled at him and twirled her blonde hair around her finger.

“I guess that makes me the God of Thunder.” Leo patted his flat stomach and winked. “With a vee-rry large hammer.”


When the bridal suite door opened, Tee looked over her shoulder to frown at the bridegroom for peeking, but saw Leo instead. Her heart slammed and nerves crawled up her back, but she managed a welcoming smile.

Leo strolled into the room, tucking his hands in the pants pockets of his navy blue suit. The collar of his white shirt showed tanned skin at his neck. He looked like a GQ model arrived for a photo shoot. God, he was so gorgeous. His eyes walked up her boots, took in her bare, exposed legs, then skimmed over her hamstrings and stopped on her rear. The short hemline of the dress burned the back of her legs under his gaze.

 “Hey there, Thor.” Angie, bride number one, winked and cocked her pink-satin swathed hip at him. “Come to catch the bouquet?”

Tee watched his pupils crowd out his green irises. The scent of him washed over her, clean, and manly. The hustle of the casino melted away, so it was only the two of them, anchored together inside a whirling kaleidoscope of blurred people.

“I like the way you smell.” She touched his suit gently and ran her hand inside his lapel. The heat of his body was a magnetic force field. “I like everything about you.”

Leo stiffened and pulled away as the elevator doors opened. “Wear more bloody clothes or don’t come to work.”

Tee followed him, slipping alone with him inside the elevator. Without looking at him, she inserted her key card and withdrew it to turn off the alarm, and then hit the stall button. The elevator slid to a smooth halt. The air grew heavy and hot. The only sounds were the crooning casino Musak, Leo’s breathing, and the rapid beating of her heart.

“You ever hear about near-death sex?” Tee unbuckled her torn pants, and let them drop. She stepped back to Leo and playfully ran a finger along the inseam of his pants.

“Near-death sex?” Leo smiled. “Never. You’ll have to show me.”

“It’s the need to prove you’re alive.” She shed her black blazer and went to work on the buttons of her white silk shirt. “I need to prove I’m alive.”

Leo watched the downward progress of her fingers through hooded eyes. Then he lifted her and set her over him, steadying her hips and kneading her bare skin.

“Oh, you’re definitely alive.” His words were heavily accented and deep.


Susannah Scott writes dragon-filled Paranormal Romance and lives with her family in Southern Missouri. She loves connecting with readers through Social Media—and almost always replies!

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