Monday, December 10, 2012

Unwrapping: Review of THREE SCHEMES AND A SCANDAL, a novella by Maya Rodale

Being a fan of Maya Rodale's Writing Girl series, I knew that I had to read her novella featuring Lady Charlotte Brandon, THREE SCHEMES AND A SCANDAL.  I had hoped to read it as soon as it came out but time didn't allow. Now I'm glad I didn't read it, before reading SEDUCING MR. KNIGHTLY, because it really is the last story of the women in the Writing Girl series and an absolute delight!

***I purchased this book for my own personal reading but of course, wish to share my thoughts with you.


Enter the Regency world of the Writing Girls series in Maya Rodale's charming tale of a scheming lady, a handsome second son, and the trouble they get into when the perfect scandal becomes an even more perfect match.

Scheme: A folly, a swan, a little lie . . . a compromising position.

Lady Charlotte Brandon is always up to something . . . but somehow her best schemes for matchmaking often end in disaster.

Scheme: A family feud, outrageously false rumors, a shattered priceless vase . . . an even more compromising position.

It's no wonder she's considered by at least one devastatingly handsome man to be devious, destructive, and dangerously appealing.

Scheme: A fox, a rabbit, a childhood foe, and a dashing rogue . . . the proposal to end all proposals.

It's high time someone turned the tables on the lovely Lady Charlotte, and James Beauchamp is just the man to do it. Even if it means beating Charlotte at her devious game with a scandalous scheme of his own.

                       *                     *                    *                    *                    *    
Lady Charlotte Brandon is always scheming and always in trouble but her childhood friend, James Beauchamp knows her best and even as he has been the victim of her schemes in the past, he still finds her too charming to ignore. So when he finds himself the victim of one of her schemes yet again, only to have it backfire on her, he begins to wonder if perhaps he is her best match. Or at least the person meant to keep her from being her own worst enemy.

Charlotte's heart is in the right place. If she feels she's caused a wrong, she schemes to make it right but the best laid plans don't always go as they should. To make up for a wrong she caused Lucy Swan, she decides to place the wayward girl in a compromising position that will draw her the attention of a very handsome and eligible suitor - James Beauchamp.  When things go wrong, it's Charlotte who faces scandal but her old friend, James quickly covers for her only to put himself in hot water with his father. Now Charlotte must scheme once more to remedy the wrong she has caused James. This scheme does more than put her and James in hot water - it makes them both very aware of a passion neither can deny.

THREE SCHEMES AND A SCANDAL is like the cherry on top of a wonderful dessert! As if we hadn't already had enough fun with the Writing Girls, Charlotte's story is the crème de la crème! Reminiscent of classic romantic comedies such as BRINGING UP BABY starring Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn, this delightful novella kept me giggling and happy straight to the end with the most romantic, and nearly tragically planned proposal in print.

I highly recommend THREE SCHEMES AND A SCANDAL by Maya Rodale to anyone who loves a truly uplifting, fun-filled, and seriously romantic story to lift their spirits and leave them saying, "Awwww!" Enjoy!!

Happy Reading Everyone!

THREE SCHEMES AND A SCANDAL by Maya Rodale, Avon Impulse, available now in ebook formats.


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Leah Weller (leahluvsmedieval) said...

All her work leaves me howling in laughter. :) She's one of those authors who can lift my spirits in a nano second.