Monday, July 16, 2012

Unwrapping: A Review of THE COWBOY AND THE PRINCESS by Lori Wilde

Recently as an Avon Addict, I was asked by Avon Romance to read and review an eARC of THE COWBOY AND THE PRINCESS by Lori Wilde. I was a bit apprehensive about reading it because I had not been a fan of her last novel THE COWBOY TAKES A BRIDE but - and that's a big BUT - I was delightfully surprised by THE COWBOY AND THE PRINCESS. I started reading expecting to be disappointed but instead found myself smiling as I started to recognize the theme behind this one. As a huge fan of the movie ROMAN HOLIDAY, I immediately saw the heroine as the Audrey Hepburn character and even though the hero wasn't quite Gregory Peck, I certainly wouldn't throw this sexy cowboy out into a cold winter night without a place to sleep.


Brady Talmadge was a cowboy with five unbreakable rules:
1) Never pick up a pretty hitchhiker
2) Avoid damsels in distress
3) Never order chili at a truck stop
4) Always trust your gut
5) Never tell a lie . . .

This is what happened when he broke all his rules . . . and got into a whole lot of trouble!

On the run from an arranged marriage, Princess Annabella of Monesta dons the guise of a hitchhiking cowgirl. But when she finds herself drenched, alone, and hungry, she has no choice but to trust the tall Texas horse whisperer who offers her a ride. He's like no one she's ever known—a strong sexy man who says just what he thinks. And when one wild kiss leaves her breathless, she quickly realizes she'll give up everything to spend a lifetime of night times in his arms. But how can there be happily-ever-after with palace guards hot on her trail?

                      *                    *                  *                  *                  *                  *               

Annie Coste (Princess Annabella of Monesta) is adorable, fresh and innocent. It's a joy to watch her experience things that we recognize as common place for the first time, including a relationship with a man - a real man.

Brady Talmadge is charming and incredibly sexy with his gentle ways and swooning manner. He makes a wonderful match for a princess because he's quite the Prince Charming.

I would love to tell you more about this adorable couple and their romance but so much happens in the first chapters of the book that if I did - well, I might give away too much and thus ruin the story for you.

THE COWBOY AND THE PRINCESS by Lori Wilde might not be the steamiest romance for it would probably carry a PG rating but it's delightfully full of fun and romantically addicting. I admit that I had the ending figured out long before I reached the middle of the story but I didn't mind - I actually couldn't wait to find out if I was correct.

I highly recommend THE COWBOY AND THE PRINCESS by Lori Wilde to anyone who loves true romance, sweet talk, good friends who'd you'd like to have as your own, and seeing the world through fresh eyes.

Happy Reading Everyone!!

THE COWBOY AND THE PRINCESS by Lori Wilde, Avon Romance, release date - July 31, 2012 in print and ebook formats.



Jaye Shields said...

You had me at Roman Holiday ;)

Amy Valentini said...

It had me there too, Jaye. I love that movie and this story is very similar only lasts longer than 24 hours with a HEA! Hope you read it when it releases. : )

Thanks for visiting. : )