Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Unwrapping: Wacky Wednesday - Quiz Time!

It's Wacky Wednesday here at UNWRAPPING ROMANCE and since we're starting fresh with a New Year, I thought it would be fun to see what kind of Heroine we would each be if we were starring in our own Romance Story.

Do you see yourself as the Damsel in Distress type?

Or maybe a Tough Cookie?

                                                                Or your man's Saviour?  

Or are you the Pampered Princess?

Take today's Wacky Wednesday Quiz to find out what kind of Heroine you would be and then maybe, if you're willing, share it with us.  Feel free to share the quiz with your friends to find out what kind of Heroine they would be, too.  Let's have some fun!


Amy Valentini said...

Btw, I did take the quiz and I'm a TOUGH COOKIE, which didn't surprise me too much. ; )

Beebs said...

Hi Amy

Another Tough Cookie "able to handle yourself in most every situation but love having your man at your side while you do."

Sounds about right lol!

Amy Valentini said...

LOL! Beebs, knew you were a girl after my own heart!

Dalila G. said...

Wow, I surprised myself, I'm a 'Tough Cookie' !!
Never looked at myself as a tough one...LOL!
I can say for a fact, many a time I've come home from work and hubby has been in our kitchen making dinner. Not with loads of smoke, just a bit, but there was always one heck of a mess. I always pitched in, those were some fun dinners. :-)

The_Book_Queen said...

Well, someone had to break the chain: I'm a saviour. :D Which kind of makes sense; I'm not the whiney girl who can't do anything but I'm not the tough one that goes and does everything either. I'm happily inbetween--okay, with my brief moments of both extremes.... *Wink*.

Great quiz, thanks for sharing!

Amy Valentini said...

LOL! Dalila, I think there's naturally a 'Tough Cookie' in most women even those 'Damsels in Distress' and 'Pampered Princesses' ... nature made us to be mothers after all.
You still got lemon cupcakes or did the 'Pampered Princess' living deep inside you eat them already? ; )
Have a great day!

Amy Valentini said...

Hi TBQ, 'Saviour' is a good one! I thought for sure I would be more 'Saviour' than 'Tough Cookie' but I think there's a bit of 'Saviour' in us all as well.
I'm glad you enjoyed the quiz and I hope it lifted your Wednesday ... some fun mid-week always makes that weekend look just a little bit closer. Have a good one. : )

Dalila G. said...

Hate to fess-up, but they're all gone! =)
I can blame hubby and his friends, they snuck into my kitchen behind my back and snatched them all.....THE NERVE!!!
I do have another recipe I plan to try out, they're chocolate cupcakes with Nutella buttercream frosting. :-D

Also, as a reward to myself, took hubby's B&N gift card...mwahahaha.....plan on buying me some romance books. Which historical's do you recommend Amy? ;-)

Amy Valentini said...

Aww, Dalila, sorry to hear about your lemon cupcakes ... not a nice thing to do guys! Your new recipe sounds delicious - Nutella buttercream frosting, huh? Wow, that sounds awesome. Love Nutella!

If you haven't read Lynsay Sands' Madison Sisters series yet, I would catch up if I were you, her newest, THE HUSBAND HUNT, will be released Feb 28th. Christina Brooke's MAD ABOUT THE EARL sounds great, I ordered before it was released but it's being slow getting to me. Another one that I've previewed but haven't gotten to yet [shame on me] is Johanna Lindsey's WHEN PASSION RULES - it's set in Napoleonic France. I'm already hooked from the prologue and 1st Chap - it's in hardcover right now but on sale for cheap at Amazon and will be out in paperback in April.
Of course, any of Gaelen Foley's, Maya Rodale's (THE TATTOED DUKE is due out mid-March), Sarah MacLean's, oh so, many more! Check out the slideshow widget here on my blog for some tempting recommendations. Have fun using that card - it's fair payback. : )

Amy Valentini said...

Some good news, my dear friends, of all the people who took the quiz, and there were obviously many more who decided not to divulge what kind of Heroine they would be, the numbers show we'd make pretty good Heroines. 78% of those who took the quiz are TOUGH COOKIES, 15% are SAVIOURS, only 7% are DAMSELS IN DISTRESS and I'm pleased to hear that none were PAMPERED PRINCESSES. Brava!! Thanks for joining in the fun! xoxo