Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wacky Wednesday: SOME BEACH - SOME WHERE!

It's getting hot, it's getting stormy in the afternoon, it's time for shorts and tee shirts - it's time for the BEACH!!

Having grown up in the South, my favorite beaches are naturally, in the South - N. Myrtle Beach being my home away from home and hopefully someday, my new home. It's our hope every year that we can make our week long trip to N. Myrtle Beach to enjoy sun, sand and even take our 103 lbs beast of a dog along for the ride.

The recent hot weather, temps in the '90's got me to thinking about the BEACH.
When I think about the BEACH, I think of stress-free days, fresh air, romantic thoughts, and suntanned bodies.

Ladies, you know where I'm going ...  ENJOY!!

First, let's set the tone for our visit to the beach and all the beautiful sites that can be seen there. A little traveling music from a bit of ManCandy himself -
Blake Shelton singing SOME BEACH:



1 comment:

Amy Valentini said...

I am so shocked that no one had anything to say about these gorgeous beachgoers ... I was at the beach when I posted this and thought I'd share. I actually did see a few that I wish I could've actually shared with you but they weren't interested in posing the way these guys do. : )

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