Friday, December 18, 2015


Until a few years ago, I always sent out Christmas cards to friends and family. It was usually a long list because I have such wonderful friends and a large family. When circumstances caused my budget to tighten down so cinched I can barely breathe, I had to forego that pleasure. It was a delight to share a bit of news or just say hello, and receiving cards back was a wonderful thank you. 
I miss it and each holiday season, I hope to renew it.

For those just starting out in the world on their own, there’s a lot to consider when putting time, and effort into purchasing cards or sending ecards, and personalizing each one to the person or family. So the question hovers above each of our heads…who makes the list and who doesn’t?

Grammarly has put together a fun, tongue in cheek way to decide. 
Happy Holidays from Unwrapping Romance.

Holiday Card Flow Chart Infographic1

This study has been created by Grammarly.


Christina Mandara said...

Love it! Paper cards seem to be losing their popularity with thoughts of the environment and all manner of video e-cards these days. I still like the tradition, but I'm happy whatever I receive (as long as it's not a big sloppy kiss from Grandma ;) ) Wishing you happy holidays xox

Dalila G. said...

What a wild chart, too cute!
Great system, it will come in handy for some people.
I usually send loads of cards out, I have fun remembering some of the things we all did together as I write the persons name and address down.
Always with a short message inside just for them.
But, the times have made me cut my Christmas list down over the years, mainly money. πŸ˜•
Still, I just can't bring myself to stop completely, so I plan way in advance for my Christmas card shopping adventure!! LOL!!
⛄Have a great day Amy! ⛄
πŸŽ…Merry Christmas!πŸŽ„

Amy Valentini said...

Hi Christina! Hi Dalila!
I'm glad you both got a kick out of this. I did too!
Traditions are tough to let go of and perhaps that's why they stay traditions.
Hope you both have a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year too.

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