Friday, June 12, 2015

Are You A Grammar Nerd? Grammarly says there are more of us than you know. Yay!

Did you get it?

I wholly, and truthfully, admit to being a Grammar Nerd. *raising my hand as if to take an oath*
Shoot, I live, work, read, and love the written word. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English, and live in the yes...even I sometimes slaughter the English language…especially if I’ve had a bit to drink. However, when it comes to writing, listening to speeches, and reading what someone else has written, I go a bit berserk when I encounter bad grammar. 

Irregardless is NOT a word, but neither is alright yet some want to make it okay to use that one too. Just say no! So fun drives me to see red, and yes, I am a die-hard proponent of the Oxford is just not the same without it and neither is any list. Semi-colons are helpful when writing non-fiction items...but if the sentence can be made into two, please share the love and let the words procreate.

How about you? Are you a Grammar Nerd? What do you think about the Oxford comma, semi-colons, and made up words?

Come on, ‘fess up y’all! I’m not taking names, but would love to hear what you have to say about the statistics collected by Grammarly.

Anatomy of a Grammar Nerd

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Happy Reading and Writing Everyone!

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Lover Of Romance said...

If I was talented with Grammar, I could be a Grammar Nerd. I tend to use grammarly way too often, and I am always trying to make a effort to get better. Very interesting statistics you have shared.

Amy Valentini said...

Just the fact that you use Grammarly often means you care about your grammar. I think that qualifies you as a Grammar Nerd. Yay!
Thanks for stopping by. :-)

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