Friday, September 30, 2011


Okay,  we were supposed to discuss the Romance covers that grace our shelves in the 21st Century next but something caught our eye and just couldn't let it pass. We'll discuss the 21st Century covers later.  Right now there's a more pressing issue - has anyone else noticed that occasionally the male models on the covers look somewhat like celebrities?

Two stand out in particular but then maybe it's just wishful thinking.
You can decide.

On Cathy Maxwell's cover, do you see any resemblance to a younger Jon Bon Jovi?


On Pamela Palmer's cover, do you see any resemblance to a younger Andy Garcia?

So what do you think? See any resemblances?

Have you noticed any resemblances on other juicy covers?  If you have, share ... please.

Happy Reading and don't worry, still more juicy stuff to come. 



Michele Burdick said...

Love your blog!!

Amy Valentini said...

Hi Michele, I'm glad you like it and hope you'll come back to visit again. xoxo

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